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Beautiful Marble

Welcome to this, the natural stone tiles website. Stone is a natural material it is not manufactured, it is part of our environment and lasts for ever. It also wears very slowly but some types quicker than others. I am going to tell you all about it and in the main how it can be used and where it can be used for all the different stone types. You will find how it can be used to to create amazing scenarios in your home both inside and out. I will show you how to protect it, how to maintain it, how to treat it and how to bring out its luster.

In the main natural stone over the centuries has been use for buildings. If you look around the world you have been faced with the wonderful buildings some still showing their grandeur. Unfortunately today, most natural stone is getting too expensive to build entire buildings out of it.

rose beige slate tiles

Slate Tiles

But all is not lost, we can create buildings that look as if they are built of stone. They can clad them with a layer of stone to make them look just as if they are. We can use stone in our home as natural stone tiles to cover our floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms and more. We can use naturals stone pavers to create great walkways, car entrances and patios.

So if you are contemplating using natural stone read on and keep coming back because this website is in continuous growth.

So what natural stone can we use? Well I guess it it depends as some stone is reasonably cheap but some is pretty expensive. e.g. you can use marble as natural stone tiles but would you use it for natural stone pavers. They can be be pretty thick as pavers are generally used in heavy work areas. Marble tiles do tend to be at the upper end of cost and are generally used inside the home as natural stone tiles that are a lot thinner. But marble tiles look fabulous on floors and have you ever seen a bathroom with floor and walls covered with marble tiles. Wow!

Lets not forget all the other kinds of natural stones. bluestone, travertine, slate, sandstone, granite and limestone. I will show you all the designs and the use of the various stones. You will find what stones can be used inside and outside an which that are only suitable for inside. You will find how to care for them, which should be sealed and how they should be cleaned.

Natural stone tiles.

Natural stone tiles are those of a thickness up to 15mm.

Natural stone pavers.

Natural stone pavers are those that are 20mm and above.

If you are thinking of using tiles or pavers then you can go no further than natural stone tiles.

Well! what is the range of natural stone tiles available?

Plus we have complimentary stones:

  • Crazy Paving (most variants of above)
  • Coping Tiles (matching most of the stones)
  • Stone Wall Cladding

If you are thinking of using tiles or pavers then you can go no further than natural stone tiles.